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Dynamic Presentations

Situations can change fast but rules are rules. SmartPreStart enables flexibility for Presenters to include or exclude individual slides just before starting a full presentation without having to redo the whole slide deck. This is balanced with a full audit trail which enables management to see which slides were shown and how long they were shown for. Dynamic Presentations delivers compliance with flexibility so you don’t have to stop work just because change happens.

Presentation Analytics

Compliance requires reports and SmartPreStart delivers comprehensive easy to use reporting and analytics. Easily answer questions like what % of coverage did we achieve? Did Dave from Night Shift see this? How long was that slide on the screen?

Intelligent Tagging

Intelligent tagging of content allows you to upload Safety, Mine Control, Technical and General Content. First Shift Back that automatically populates presentations with content for Day Shift, Night Shift, All Workers, First Shift Back, Next Shift and more.

Be audit ready all the time

With SPS you don’t sacrifice auditability for agility, you get both. Every document upload, every change you make and every slide you show (or don’t show) is audited so that your operation has a complete record of what happened and who saw what.


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